What is SEO?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, SEO experts optimize websites by adding structured and relevant content on webpages to rank higher on search engines, like Google, Bing, etc. This content includes web pages, images, videos, business listings, etc. SEO is designed to enhance the look, positioning, and effectiveness of content in search engine results pages.

Organic search is the top way by which users explore and analyze online content, utilizing SEO best practices is necessary to ensure that the content you add to your website is found by the audience; consequently increasing your website’s organic traffic.

The visibility of a website is generally considered by the ranking or positioning of the site on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Businesses always strive and compete for the first page, because being on the first page of SERPs is the best way to get noticed and can attract more audience.

Organic traffic is usually higher-quality traffic any website can have because the interested users keenly search for a particular product or service for which a site may rank. If an individual discovers your website via the search engine, it can help in better brand engagement and also attract high-quality business leads.

Types of SEO

Google as a search engine takes numerous factors into consideration when ranking your website’s content, and as such SEO has many features. There are mainly three types of Search Engine Optimization, which are as follows:

On-page SEO : It includes quality content, keywords, and HTML tags. Optimizing the content and structuring of the web page is the best way to rank your website.

Off-page SEO : It includes getting other web pages and external sites on your website to generate traffic to your website. Backlinks, internal linking, and reputation management are the main players in off-page optimization.

Technical SEO : Site security (SSL certificates), SEO-friendly site structure, website speed, and user experience are key factors in technical SEO. It includes improving your website’s overall performance on search engines.

The above mentioned are three main types of SEO are used for websites, but there are three subtypes of SEO, which are mentioned below :

Local SEO : To optimize your business website to rank higher in Google Maps and on the local results of the SERPs. Businesses that have a physical location are benefitted from local SEO.

Image SEO : It includes strategies and best practices to optimize your website’s images to rank higher in Google search images.

Video SEO : It means the combination of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies to rank your website’s videos to rank higher in Google or YouTube search results.

SEO Best Practices that we implement

Keyword Research

This includes finding out the keywords and phrases that people use to search for products or services related to your business. We use various tools to discover the most searched and high-traffic keywords to add to your website’s content so that we draw more organic traffic to your site and increase business leads.

On-page Optimization

It involves optimizing important elements of a web page to make it more SEO-friendly. It includes optimizing the page’s content, Meta data, images, URLs, and structure of the web page. With years of experience in this field, we know many of the parameters that Google considers when ranking a website on SERPs.

Link Building

It involves driving traffic from other websites to your own by having healthy link-building with popular brands and growing your business. Link Building is a significant factor in ranking your website on search engine results pages because search engines consider the number of backlinks as a symbol of a website’s authority and relevance.

Content Optimization

Our SEO services will help you optimize your content for higher search engine rankings, increase high-quality traffic, and enhance business profits. Content Optimization includes creating relevant and appealing content for your website. High-quality content not only attracts organic traffic but also provides search engines with detailed information about your brand or business and its offerings.

Technical SEO

It involves the website’s technical elements, like code, server configuration, and site speed. Technical SEO is important for businesses to make sure that their website is technically sound and optimized according to the search engine’s suggested guidelines. Technical SEO includes elements that ensure that search engines can crawl and index your website.

Analytics and Reporting

We regularly provide reports of the website’s rankings, traffic, and other essential data related to your website. Implementing Analytics and Reporting is essential to measure the success of your SEO campaigns. Our provided monthly reports will help you to know and understand the impact of your SEO services.

Mobile Optimization

It refers to optimizing your website for mobile devices and tablets so that it can be easily accessed and viewed by users anywhere on smartphones as well. Mobile optimization is an essential SEO technique that can generate quality leads for your business. Optimizing your website is important not only for desktops and laptops but also for mobile and tablet devices for your viewers.

Blog Creation

It is an important SEO technique because if you don’t keep updating your site, Google won’t crawl it often which can negatively affect your rankings. We help you create an attractive blog page on your website which will help you as a content marketing tool. If people like your blog post, they will share it with others and that will as a result improve your website’s rankings.

Schema Markup Strategy

Our SEO services include the implementation of a Schema Markup on your website so that search results provide detailed information about your business and offerings. Search engines, such as Google use this information to show rich search results. Many businesses may struggle while implementing Schema Markup but with experience and specialization, we are familiar with this.


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Google is without a doubt the most important source of traffic for many websites. There are, of course, exceptions. Some companies are based on the use of social media.
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Google is without a doubt the most important source of traffic for many websites. There are, of course, exceptions. Some companies are based on the use of social media.
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Google is without a doubt the most important source of traffic for many websites. There are, of course, exceptions. Some companies are based on the use of social media.